Medical & Ophthalmic Equipment Maintenance & Repairs

Medical and Ophthalmic equipment maintenance and repairs has always been a cumbersome task to deal with. Different vendors provide various solutions and ‘service contracts’ that no longer provide value for money and often have a number of ambiguities as to what is actually covered in the cost of the contract such as...

  • Does my service contract cover any work carried out on site inclusive of parts and labour?
  • Is the service conducted on site for the device or instrument a ‘Full Service’ (as stipulated by the ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ guidelines) or just a ‘Calibration Check/ Function Test’?
  • If the item has to be sent away to a vendor’s service department, is the cost of the repair included in my original service contract plus costs of any replacement parts if required?
  • If not, why am I paying for the service contract in the first place?

At Brawn Ophthalmics we have eliminated such complexities of medical equipment maintenance and repairs with full transparency as to what is included in your service.

With customers often asked to do more with less, this means that budgets are tight and medical equipment is expected to last longer than ever before. To address shrinking budgets for new equipment, we have invested heavily in a dedicated in-house medical repair facility at our corporate HQ where our factory-trained engineers repair, calibrate and service your medical equipment at our comprehensively equipped in-house service department.

Why Choose Brawn Ophthalmics?

  • No complex service contracts or hidden costs, a simple ‘Ad Hoc’ service to use as and when required
  • Our fixed price service (on selected products) is inclusive of all parts and labour and come with a standard three month warranty (Service Includes FULL OEM Service + Calibration, where applicable)
  • Service, repairs and calibration carried out by our OEM trained engineers
  • Calibration certificate / service report available on request (on selected products)
  • Turnaround times no later than five working days from date of receipt
  • Loan units can be provided for specific instruments / devices on request (Subject to availability)
  • Whether you have bought your equipment directly from a factory outlet, a third party distributor or directly from Brawn Ophthalmics rest assured we can help
  • We won’t be beaten on price and satisfaction is guaranteed!

What Do We Repair & Service?

Our in house engineering team has been built from the ground up specifically to deal with the growing needs of Hospitals, Private Practices, Locum Practitioners and Veterinarians.

With a wide array of services on offer our medical and ophthalmic equipment maintenance and repair portfolio includes the following but not limited to:

  • Tonometers
    • Goldmann Applanation Tonometers
      • Analogue Type (Regular non digital version)
      • Digital Tonometers (D - KAT Tonometers)
      • Models:
        • T – Type (Loose take away model)
        • R – Type (Mounted on the Slit lamp)
        • Haag Streit BQ Type (Mounted on the Slit lamp)
      • Brands: Haag Streit, Keeler, CSO, Shin Nippon, Bobes, Inami, Takagi, Huvitz or any other branded / non-branded Goldmann Applanation Tonometers
    • Perkins Tonometers
    • Reichert Tono-Pens
  • Direct Ophthalmoscopes
    • Keeler Specialist Ophthalmoscope
    • Keeler Standard Ophthalmoscope
    • Keeler Practitioner Ophthalmoscope
    • Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope
    • Keeler Standard Otoscope
    • Plus all accessories such as handles & charging cradles
  • Indirect Ophthalmoscopes
    • Keeler Vantage Plus Digital Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
    • Keeler Vantage Plus Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
    • Keeler Vantage Plus Hi Mag Lens Indirect Ophthalmoscope
    • Keeler All Pupil II Indirect Ophthalmoscope
    • Keeler Spectra Iris Indirect Ophthalmoscope
    • Plus all accessories such as charging cradles
  • Retinoscopes
    • Keeler Retinoscopes
    • Plus all accessories such as handles & charging cradles
  • Trial Frames
  • Hand Held Portable Slit Lamps
    • Keeler PSL Classic
    • Keeler PSL One
    • Plus all accessories such as charging cradles
  • Dental & Surgical Loupes
    • Keeler Mini loupes
    • Keeler Standard Loupes
    • Keeler Hi-Res Loupes
    • Keeler Prismatic Loupes
    • Keeler Loupe Light
    • Plus all accessories such as charging cradles

The selection above is just a small list of our most popular requests for equipment maintenance and repairs that we deal with, but by no means a comprehensive list of our offerings.

If you have something that is not listed above, it does not mean we do not cater to it or cannot help. Drop us a line on and find out how we can help you.

Where Do I Send My Equipment?

Address your parcel to:

Technical Service Department
Brawn Ophthalmics Ltd
23A Bolton Avenue

We recommend the equipment be adequately packed and shipped to us via ‘Special Delivery’ or ‘Signed for Delivery’ to minimise the risk of loss or damage during transit and we will ship the item back to you as Special Delivery.

What Do I Include?

A small note should accompany your equipment with the following details listed:

  • Full Name / Institution you’re sending your item from
  • Full postal address (This is the address to which the item will then be shipped back to)
  • Where applicable, a decontamination certificate should be enclosed
  • Contact telephone number
  • Email address (To which your quotation & invoice will be email across to)

On receipt of your equipment we will directly get in touch with a copy of the quotation for the repair of your equipment and address any needs or concerns you may have in relation to your equipment before we proceed with the repair.

Alternatively should you wish to get in touch prior to sending your medical equipment you may do so via e-mail on or telephone on 01753 386 733 and a member of the team would be delighted to walk you through the process.